one piece disk7

one piece

haay!! at long last nakabili na rin ako ng disk7 na one piece grabe ha.. na-adik na talaga ako dun sa anime na un!! biruin nyo nman halos d na me matulog twing day-off ko para lang magdownload sa youtube ng every episode starting water7 up to 302 tapos ung ibang pa walang subtitle kainis pero k lang meron na akong dvd copy ngaun..

about disk7 ng one piece!! story nun kasi about sa background ni robin and d real reason why she left d strawhat crew (d darkerside of robin haha!).. d villains were CP9 (cipher pol number 9) strongest organization made by d world government w/c d spies were actually d member of galley-la company under iceburg and d other one is d bartender down d alley of water7.luffy and d rest of gang knows dat in order to kept them safe, robin joined forces w/ cp9 to awaken the lost ancient weapon PLUTON just to keep the gov’t fangs away from their crew and kept them alive somehow..un tapos ung adventures nila interesting din bago nila na-save c robin.. to the makers of one piece… YOU ROCK GUYS!! awesome.. sana magkaroon na ng disk8 hehehe…



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